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Art & Children – The Whole Package

The Sparkasse Bremen bank is giving a different kind of Christmas gift to locals and visitors – a special exhibition opening on December 22 at its financial center on Brill 1-3. The show, entitled “Child in Focus”, will present Bremen-based artists’ creative interpretations of children and teens. Their sketches, paintings, sculptures, digital prints, photographs, and video installations will examine various aspects of growing up. As well as reflecting the hopes and dreams of our early years, the works will also engage with the worries and anxieties of this developmental phase. This is an exhibition that touches the viewer at multiple levels and is part of the Sparkasse Bremen’s year-long project to support children and teens entitled “Us for Children and Teens”. The pieces on show will include contributions from Sultan Acar, Mechthild Böger, Kirsten Brünjes, Franziska von der Driesch, Stephan Fritsch, Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Simone Haack, and many others. We believe that this artistic commitment is an excellent way to bring the bank’s claim “Strong, fair, Hanseatic” to life. An exhibition that is both worth seeing and worthwhile.

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Mix & Match

Variable sliding door or fixed dividing wall? At raumplus this is not an either-or decision because both options can be combined to create a whole that is both creative and harmonious. Or as the dividing line between kitchen and dining room with sliding doors that opened when the cooking is finished while keeping the preparation area permanently hidden behind dividing walls or to structure an attic space with static walls under the eaves and sliding doors in the taller center of the room – there are numerous options to achieve a perfect Mix & Match of systems. So get mixing!

Just listen to the music

You can’t see anything but there’s a lot to hear. No matter whether you need the right sound for a pajama party or soft background music to chill out in your living room – Turn can deliver. Our flexible closet newcomer, available as a stand-alone piece of furniture or for custom fitting in an alcove, can be supplied with an optional, innovative audio system. Ultra-flat DML loudspeakers are integrated into the hinged doors, with and a subwoofer with amplifier is located in the center of the closet. Thanks to their 180° x 180° angle of radiation the speakers provide consistently great resonance, no matter where the listener is standing. The subwoofer works off a mains socket and can be controlled using the jack plugs or wirelessly via Bluetooth. So in addition to its many other assets, Turn also scores points as a cutting-edge piece of media furniture providing great acoustics – and all without the owner having to make visual compromises. The same goes for our sliding doors, which can also be fitted with the same high fidelity sound system. A great sounding convenience feature that is all part of the program at raumplus.

Named products

Some 15,000 doors pass through the hands of our six door builders every year. And every one of them bears the signature of the person who manufactured it. We don’t do this because we want to market our doors as pieces of art with the cachet of a “limited edition”. Nonetheless every one of these custom-fit, hand-made doors is a unique product and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship whose creator deserves to be named. In addition to this, the fact that the doors do not remain anonymous means that our employees noticeably identify more strongly with the product. Which is no surprise since everyone wants to show that their skill and know-how does credit to their name. And you would sign up for that program too, wouldn’t you?